Kings Head Chess Club, London

Patzer magazine

Kings Head member Derek Roebuck has kindly provided us with some sample copies of Patzer ("any player with a rating between 1000 and 2000") magazine, edited by himself and Rich Wiltshir.

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Selections from contents:

Volume 1 number 3 : A patzer plays Ding Liren in the World Cup, Pawn endings for the club player

Volume 2 number 1 : Tactics for the club player, Endings: the carousel, Muswell Hill Rapidplay review

Volume 2 number 2 : Nigel Short is wrong about everything, Endings: mating with knight against pawn(s)

Volume 2 number 6 : Endings: Knight v pawn v king, Games and book reviews

Volume 2 appendix : Two knights versus pawns

Volume 3 number 1 : The Scandinavian defence, Middlegames for Patzers

Volume 3 number 2 : The Jobava-Prié attack, Outrageous openings

Volume 3 number 3 : More outrageous openings, Tactics, Games, My Best Move

Volume 3 number 4 : Damiano's defence (C 40), Rook versus two connected pawns

Volume 3 number 5 : Der Geier (A56), Rook versus two isolated or doubled pawns, Larsen's opening (A 01) and Owen's defence (B 00, A 10)